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Oilflex, a name that over the years has become synonymous with state of the art high performance frying, just got better...



A new, more powerful, patented OilFlex® formulation designed with special emphasis on the management of Zero Trans Fat Frying Oils.

As we all know, consumer, industry, even legislative demand have mandated the operator to switch to Zero Trans Fat Frying Oils. These oils may affect the taste of your fried foods your customers have become accustom to. These oils are less durable, thus more costly to use, seriously affecting the bottom line.

Now you can have the "Best of Both Worlds"

Here is what OilFlex® ZT will do for you:

Combine all of the above with:

All this equals thousands of dollars in savings per year for pennies a day!

...see what OilFlex® ZT can do for you!

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