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Purchase Oilflex ZT

Start saving money on frying oil with Oilflex ZT!

From this page you can purchase OilFlex® ZT. Select the number of cases you would like to purchase and click the checkout button to continue to a secure checkout page. From the checkout page you can choose to enter your credit card information on the right, or log in with a Paypal account on the left.

*You can change the shipping information, after you have entered your credit card information and proceeded to the next page.

Case price is $98.80 for approximately 180 doses, (enough to treat approximately 180 fryers) plus shipping and handling, $12.72 per case. Each case is a bag in a box and the net weight is 1,814 grams, and includes a measuring scoop and instructions.

# of OilFlex ZT cases:

*Each order is limited to 10 cases, but you can make multiple orders.